Cyclonic Roof Battens

Cyclonic roof battens are lightweight, durable and built to withstand windspeeds up to and including Category 4 Cyclones. Made from Australian steel to safeguard against denaturing, rot and white ants.

Factory direct pricing – lowest prices in WA
Made in Perth, Western Australia
Up to Category 4 Cyclone protection (windspeeds of up to approx. 259kph)
Useable in both roofs and walls
Durable, lightweight and easy to assemble
Fast delivery and a 25 year gaurantee

Steel Specifications

Manufactured using high-quality Australian BlueScope Steel conforming to AS 1397 Standards to ensure product longevity, safety, and lower overall whole-of-life structural maintenance & repair costs.

Our G550 steel guarantees a minimal yield & tensile strength of 550 MPa for enhanced durability in harsh Australian climate and cyclonic conditions.

Each cyclonic roof batten is covered in a self-healing AM150 ZINCALUME ® coating to resist scratches, scuffs, fire, corrosion, and rust.

Top Hat Cyclonic Roof Batten

Cyclonic Roof Batten Specifications

  • Any questions regarding product specifications such as required roof batten spacing for cyclonic regions, batten BMT and more – please ask our team, we are happy to help!
  • Cyclonic battens come in 0.75mm Base Metal Thickness.
  • Battens come in top hat / furring channel design
  • Range of thickness, dimensions & length cuts available

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