About Us

Your local one-stop-shop for steel battens, studs and everything in between

Who We Are

We are a steel battens & studs manufacturer based in Perth, Western Australia. Our steel solutions are used across a variety of industries ranging from global restaurant franchises, to national housing construction companies, to small independent contractors and roof carpenters.

Our mission is simple: we want to help you build safe, resilient buildings and infrastructure without hassle or project delays.

We make this vision come to life by offering product-specific advice tailored to your projects, careful product customisation where needed and building high-quality, cost-effective battens and studs using durable Australian steel.

Our Background

Our company is proudly part of Steel Frames Trusses, a major Western Australian steel manufacturer. Steel Frames has 45 years’ combined experience providing steel solutions for large global brands across a variety of difficult terrains and conditions - hills, flat urban settings, cyclonic areas – we’ve seen it all.

We believe this vast, varied experience building in testing conditions has given us rare insight into best-practice steel construction methodologies. We use this unique insight to build high-quality steel products and offer a full range of complementary consulting services, making us your local one-stop-shop for battens, studs and everything in between.

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